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Living and Studying in Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria and one of the southern hemisphere’s largest business, cultural, sporting and recreational cities.


Living and Studying in Melbourne

The heart of Victoria houses over 5 million people with a proud history of cultural diversity. “Melbourne has been crowned the world’s second most liveable city in the world by Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Survey 2018. “. The official language spoken in Melbourne is English, but the city is made up of a multicultural population speaking different languages. The city holds a variety of events o and festivals giving an opportunity to the international students to interact and experience life in Australia.
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Melbourne’s attractions:
Melbourne appeals with over 4,000 restaurants and a vibrant live music, theatre and arts scene.
The real football (soccer to some, footie to Australia) is the passion for most Australians and Melbourne Victory and Melbourne City will be your new teams to follow.

Melbourne hosts the Australian Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup and the Australian Open and is on the list for almost all grand entertainers on their tour routes.

  • Population: 5 million
    • Average age: 28 years old
      • Melbourne has the 10th largest immigrant population among world metropolitan areas

      Since 2002, Melbourne’s overall score has risen steadily and now sits at 98.4, scoring perfect 100s for Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure and near perfect scores for Stability (95) and Culture and Environment (98.6)

      Melbourne continues to shine, and the Global Liveability Index has ranked it in the top three since the index began in 2002. Melbourne has achieved the number one ranking in 10 out of 18 years and has been ranked as the top Australian city every year.


Why study in Melbourne?

Climate in Melbourne

Melbourne enjoys hot summers, warm springs, mild autumns and crisp winters.

(December- February)- Summer (14-25 ºc)
(March- May)- Autumn (11-20 ºc)
(June- August)- Winter (7-14 ºc)
(September – November) Spring (10-20 ºc)


Melbourne is known for its markets, which include arts and crafts, fresh produce, and even fashion. The most famous, and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Melbourne, is the Queen Victoria Market, known simply as the Vic Market to locals. However, there are many other, smaller markets located throughout the city. Most sell a wide variety of products and may give you a feel for the multicultural diversity in Melbourne.

Public Transport

It’s easy, safe and cheap to get around in Melbourne. There are the famous Melbourne trams, running up and down the city and throughout the suburbs, comfortable trains and buses as well. Many people choose to travel by car or bicycle, though parking your car in the city can be a bit of a challenge at times!


The city of Melbourne is full of apartments in tall buildings. These days, it’s the fashion to live in the heart of the city. The suburbs of Melbourne spread for many kilometres from the city and there, people live in family homes with pretty gardens, units or blocks of flats. The costs vary greatly, depending on where they are, the size and the construction. There are many student apartments in the city and in the nearby suburbs. Students visiting Melbourne to study choose between living in student accommodation, share houses or living with families in “homestay” accommodation. Since Melbourne is a centre for international education, there are plenty of different options available for international students.

Broadmeadows Campus

EIC Campus in Broadmeadows is easily accessible by road with parking aplenty of 12 designated and 30 casual spaces and public transportation nearby.

Need a hand with direction?

Students can plan their journey using PTV Journey Planner using their mobile app or web browser.

To reach Broadmeadows campus, take the Craigieburn line and depart at Broadmeadows station. Follow the link to get train route and schedule information: Broadmeadows Station

The campus is spacious, modern and equipped classrooms including student Rejuvenation area, showers and lush green garden for recreation.